A Cloud-hosted mobile solution for Industrial IoT data.


Any type of data. Anytime, anywhere.

Imagine being able to view information about your system and receive notifications on your mobile phone when problems occur, at anytime from anywhere.

SasInform is a fully integrated mobile client and hosted server solution that displays real-time manufacturing, process, and sensor data, and sends alarm notifications to iOS and Android phones or tablets. For data-driven business that want to extend their monitoring capability to mobile devices, SasInform provides a secure, low-maintenance way to aggregate and display both IoT and OPC data.

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Sends notifications to iOS and Android devices, so you can view and interact immediately with data from multiple devices and locations. Read more…


Uses 256-bit SSL encryption with an industry leading authentication library running on Amazon Web Services, so you know your data is secure. Read more…


Stores data centrally
and distributes software
automatically, so there’s
no need to worry about
installing OS patches,
software updates, or server
hardware. Read more…