IoT and OPC data, served from the Cloud.

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A single solution for any type of data

SasInform is an IoT aggregator and an OPC client, capable of acquiring data from IoT devices and any OPC server in your facility or network, wherever it’s located.

You establish connections to your servers and devices by setting up data providers in the SasInform Administration client. Then, you can browse for data items at those servers and, with a single click, select only the ones you want to monitor. Scaling your system up or down is just as easy: simply add or remove data providers, views or users.

The SasInform server is hosted in the Cloud, which means data is stored centrally and always available. To ensure that your data is secure, the SasInform server uses 128-bit SSL encryption, with a trusted certificate and an industry leading authentication library.

Cloud-hosting also eliminates the need to install, maintain, or upgraded the costly software and hardware that more traditional industrial automation solutions comprise. Instead, your SasInform system will receive updates and new features automatically.