Fully integrated, designed to be customized.


SasInform is designed and built to be flexible, scalable, and easy to set up and maintain. Ultimately, it’s all about what you or your customers need: you select the data that is most important to monitor; you create the views that organize and display the data; you assign alarm values to selected data items; you grant access to users you want to keep informed. And you can brand your system with your company’s logo.

Build your SasInform system

From any web browser, an administrator can start setting up your SasInform system in three easy steps:

  1. Create data providers that connect, through the SasInform software, to the IoT devices or OPC servers you want to acquire data from.
  2. Add the data you want to monitor to the built-in Alarms view or to custom views that you create.
  3. Add the users that you want to have access to your data and respond to alarms.

Managing your SasInform system is just as easy. The administration client’s Dashboard describes the data providers, views and users you have already set up. Whether you want to scale up or down, you can quickly add, remove, or modify any part of your system.

View your data anytime, anywhere

With SasInform, the key data you select to monitor is stored centrally, in the Cloud, and is available at anytime from anywhere. Whether it comes from sensors or switches in your company’s network of devices, or from process controllers in your distributed system, to keep track of changes in your data, all you need to do is connect a web browser or mobile device to your SasInform system.

Users granted access to the system can monitor data and respond to alarm notifications sent to iOS and Android mobile devices. To view alarm details, such as when the alarm occurred, when it was acknowledged, and when it returned to normal, all users need to do is tap the notification.

Check out our mobile applications

The SasInform mobile applications for iOS and Android devices are available in the iTunes App Store and in Google Play. To download the apps or take a closer look at their features, click one of these links: